SpenDifference, LLC Renews Technology License with ArrowStream, Inc.

Chicago, IL-October 28, 2013 – ArrowStream, Inc., (“ArrowStream”) a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) supply chain management technology, announced that SpenDifference, LLC, a rapidly growing, full-service restaurant supply chain firm, renewed its technology license agreement to continue utilizing ArrowStream OnDemand, a visibility and predictability software solution.

Based in Denver, SpenDifference provides comprehensive supply chain support to emerging and mid-size restaurant chains, helping them to save money. SpenDifference will continue to utilize OnDemand to empower its supply chain organization to collaborate with its diverse network of restaurant chain customers, distributors, and manufacturers.

“After reviewing different technology options, we decided OnDemand would provide us with the best visibility into over 100 DCs, ranging from the largest distributors in the market to a number of regional providers,” said Maryanne Rose, SpenDifference, president and CEO. “By fully using OnDemand’s visibility, our team is able to view and report on our clients’ distributor networks with cohesive, seamless integration across several different distribution companies.”

OnDemand enables the SpenDifference team to view its customers’ distributor networks and saves time for its Procurement and Client Services teams by centralizing comprehensive, current, actionable data, which allows the teams to focus their efforts on delivering great value to SpenDifference customers.

“Not only do we get complete visibility into all of the transactional details for our clients with OnDemand, but also a broad suite of easy-to-use Components to help us manage the supply chain,” Rose said.

Additional OnDemand advantages SpenDifference will continue to benefit from include its:

  • Best-in-class application suite for managing manufacturer and distributor contracts.
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting suite to put actionable information at its employees’ fingertips.
  • Ability to provide secure, self-service access to information and workflow controls to facilitate collaboration amongst supply chain partners.

“The culture, values, and approach that the SpenDifference team brings to the market are well aligned with ArrowStream’s objectives, and we look forward to collaborating with its team for years to come,” said Steven LaVoie, Chairman and CEO at ArrowStream.

About SpenDifference

Denver-based SpenDifference, LLC works with emerging and mid-sized restaurant chains, providing comprehensive supply chain support. SpenDifference delivers significant cost-savings through a unique combination of leverage and deep category expertise, while ensuring their customers’ product specifications are maintained. It currently works with a variety of national and regional chains that represent nearly $1 billion annually in purchasing. For more information visit SpenDifference.



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