About Us

We are

A team of food lovers, technologists, supply chain experts, and commodity analysts.

Our Mission Statement

Advancing the way the foodservice industry collaborates through technology to drive transparency, value, and efficiency.

Who We Are

ArrowStream, a Buyers Edge company, is a team of food lovers, technologists, supply chain experts, and commodity analysts dedicated to moving the foodservice industry forward.

We provide the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, with over 1,300 distribution locations, 11,000 manufacturers, and 275 leading brands across more than 105,000 restaurant locations.

Helping Operators

Strengthen buying decisions, increase pricing accuracy, protect supply, ensure quality, and enhance partnerships.

Helping Distributors

Optimize inbound logistics.

Helping Manufacturers

Protect and grow revenue.

Industry Awards

Our Growing Network

Brands and Concepts
100 +
Operator Locations
10 K+
Unique Products
0 M
0 K+
Distributor Locations
1000 +

Our Leadership Team

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Our Story Over the Years

Jeff Dorr


Chief Cheerleader & Customer Advocate – Getting to work with the greatest people in Foodservice.

Jay Moon

Chief Customer Success Officer

I’m a customer focused business leader with over twenty years of experience designing, developing, leading, and scaling best in class teams and business processes. I’m a versatile leader and advocate of change through continuous improvement driven by data.

Bill Michalski

Chief Solutions Officer

Since 2006 I’ve been honored to lead our exceptional Product Team as we imagine and build meaningful technology solutions for our customers and work every day to accelerate the digital transformation of the foodservice industry.

Emily Niichel

Director of Finance - SaaS

I started my career in foodservice operations for a popular restaurant chain so coming back to the industry many years later is an amazing full circle moment.

Steve Glosny

Sr Dir Software Architecture

Technology is not just a tool, it’s a way of thinking. It has the power to transform not only what we do, but who we are and how we see the world.

Nick Hegedus

Senior Manager, Customer Success

By truly understanding our customer’s challenges, we have an opportunity to create a positive impact for everyone within the industry.

Nick Bodnar

Director, Product Management

I develop data-driven and forward-thinking technology solutions with a team of talented professionals, centered around enhancing efficiency and optimizing the food service industry.

Nia Garbis

Director, Data Integration

Knowledge is meant to be shared, so let’s start sharing.

Michelle Clark

Senior Director, Account Management

It’s not just about solving problems and creating relationships, it’s about anticipating needs and exceeding expectations to build partnerships that last.

Melissa Wreath

Senior Director, Account Management

What I find fascinating about foodservice supply chain is that it touches the world. Everything we do in this space has an impact, and the goal is to ensure it is a positive one, whether through technology, innovation, or individual interactions.

Matt Heckroth

Sr. Director of Product Management

My goal is to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry, creating solutions that anticipate and meet the needs of both restaurants and their partners.

Marc Larson

VP, Sales

The only time I set the bar low is for limbo. Always keep the bar raised no matter what.

Kim Randolph

Director, Client Services

Our team’s unwavering passion and dedication lies in truly understanding our clients’ unique needs and collaborating closely to solve them, ensuring their success is our ultimate goal.

Joe Ferrell

Senior Director, Marketing

From the supply chain, to back of house, to the last mile, I’ve spent the recent years of my career finding creative ways to drive growth and make a meaningful impact within the foodservice industry.

Bill Becker

VP, Solutions Consulting

Bringing harmony to both supply chains and bluegrass jams, I’ve played my way through 20 years of foodservice technology consulting, fueled by a passion for food, music and a love for two-wheeled cycling adventures.