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Ensure Quality

Capture and resolve quality and service incidents with ease.

Data, process, and system limitations can have an impact on your brand and, ultimately, your customers. ArrowStream’s Foodservice Incident Management (FSIM) stands out from other product quality and distribution service incident solutions due to its use of integrated supply chain data. Over 15,000 restaurant chain locations use FSIM to standardize the collection of delivery incidents, improve visibility, and automate incident resolution.

Credits tracked /year
$ 1 M+
Resolved issues /year
100 k+
Restaurants supported
10 k+

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Eliminate unnecessary phone calls, emails, and paperwork. With a just few clicks, incidents can be quickly captured from a mobile device or computer. Restaurant managers can view incident and credit status in real time.

Reduce resolution time by 65%
10 %
Increase credits recaptured by up to 40%
10 %

Minimize Resolution Time

Automated workflows between the distributor, supplier, and restaurant chain significantly reduce resolution time. Spend less time investigating delivery incidents, which can cost between $25 and $75 per incident.

Maximize Credits Recovered

Manually tracking incidents results in lost credits. ArrowStream’s integrated invoice data enables accurate credit tracking and easy verification of credits collected.

Major chicken QSR chain identified $26K/mo in non-compliant spend on a discontinued chicken vendor
$ 10 K/mo

Scorecard Suppliers and Distributors

Measure partner performance and outcomes. Use quantitative data to enhance partner communication and encourage collaboration to maintain high quality standards.

Case Study from a customer

“With the data available from ArrowStream, we’re able to hold our stores and partners accountable and drive bottom line savings.”

Paula Coleman
Director, Ops & Alignment, Whataburger

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