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Strengthen Buying Decisions

Manage and reduce food spend

Whether you’re in supply chain, purchasing, or logistics, maintaining food spend with limited budgets and increased costs is an ongoing challenge. The key to combatting that is increased supply chain visibility. Most supply chain managers and purchasing directors can only focus on 20% of products. Why not boost that by monitoring everything that passes through your supply chain? With ArrowStream Central, multiple sources of data are cleansed, consolidated, enhanced, and aggregated into a secure cloud-based data management solution. This results in clean data allowing you to make informed decisions quickly, lower food costs, and ultimately improve margins.

Streamline SKU rationalization

With multiple distributors providing the same product, it can be difficult to determine how much spend is going towards a specific item, making forecasting and budgeting near impossible. Partner with ArrowStream to rationalize your SKUS and combine spend.

Reduction in time spent managing supply chain data
10 %

Understand and consolidate spend

Manage your category spend by identifying non-compliant purchases and consolidate. Put less time toward managing data and more time analyzing spend, saving money, and handling other operational needs.

Words from our customers

“ArrowStream Data has enabled us to go back and find distributor price level errors and bring that generation of income back to our operators.”

Gary Nash
Sr. Director of Purchasing, Zaxby’s Franchising LLC

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