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Increasing Pricing Accuracy

Audit 100% of contracted spend and keep overcharges under control

Disjointed pricing communications combined with lack of capacity and resources can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in pricing discrepancies. ArrowStream Central provides a closed loop pricing communication workflow that connects foodservice operators, distributors, and suppliers to simplify communications and improve overall pricing accuracy.

Global Asian restaurant concept recovered over $200K in price variance for the U.S. market alone
$ 100 k

Easily manage and audit pricing contracts

Keep contracts and supporting documents up to date and automate ongoing updates of pricing terms. Eliminate overcharges by auditing 100% of contracted spend and track credit recovery.

Audit management and recovery services are available for teams looking for additional resources without having to worry about adding more staff.

Seamlessly collaborate on pricing

Communicate and collaborate with vendors through detailed workflows. Review and approve pricing updates. Easily access contracts and edits in a single location. No need to track down dated emails, files, or documents kept in disparate locations.

saved / week on average with supplier pricing portal
1 hrs
Recovery time reduced by two weeks on average
0 weeks

Maximize rebate collections

Find and track new rebates and see historical product rebates.

Words from our customers

“Pre-emptive audit provides value and efficiency within the supply chain department. Our people aren’t chasing individual variances.”

John Dunion
Chief Supply Chain Officer, CKE Restaurants

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