Designed for Purchasing and Forecasting

Manage price risks with commodity forecasting and item specific food cost modeling.

Market conditions and price changes happen daily.

As we all know too well, drastic fluctuations can happen in an instant. How do you track product costs against these changes and commodity prices? How do you plan against market shifts? Our commodity intelligence resources provide detailed forecasting for more than 250 products from food to energy and even plastics so you can mitigate price risks.

Price forecasts for

100 +

Historical prices for

100 +

Optimize purchasing decisions

Daily, weekly, and quarterly commodity reports enable you to develop data-driven strategies to combat inflation, and seize opportunities during deflation, ensuring you maximize profitability regardless of market conditions. Then harness our commodity team’s expertise to help you develop custom forecasts for even more control.

Small steakhouse chain saved $400k per year
$ 100 K/yr

Improve contract negotiations

Forecasted pricing and pivot models indicating bearish and bullish territories allow you to identify trends and have the confidence to negotiate pricing with transparency.

Enhance menu and promotions planning

ArrowStream’s Market Basket combines market data with your purchasing information to provide item specific forecasts. This cost modeling tool helps you craft data-driven menus while controlling costs and identify the best times to run promotions for maximum impact.



Customer driven and market leading commodity reports with independent, concise and actionable commentary.

  • Daily report (T-F)
  • Weekly report
  • Monthly report
  • Quarterly report


Includes everything in Essentials and
  • Customized monthly report
  • Supplier discovery
  • CommodityONE Market Watch
  • CommodityONE Market Basket*
* Purchasing spend within ArrowStream Central is required.

One-on-one consulting available for more in-depth forecasting.

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