Sky Co-op Doubles Down with ArrowStream to Launch Foodservice Incident Management Solution

SkyCoOp-SmallHortizonatl-1Purchasing Cooperative Sky Co-op Adds ArrowStream’s Foodservice Incident Management Solution to Elevate Quality and Service Control 

CHICAGO – November 29, 2022 - ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, is excited to announce that Sky Co-op (“Sky”) is the newest partner to sign up for ArrowStream’s Foodservice Incident Management (FSIM) – ArrowStream’s solution that enables restaurants to capture and resolve product and distributor service incidents. Already an ArrowStream Central customer, Sky Co-op continues to expand their relationship with ArrowStream to reduce cost, prevent disruption, and ensure quality in their supply chain.

Formed in 2006, Sky Co-op serves as the purchasing cooperative for multiple Midwest restaurant concepts across 200+ locations including all Franchise and Corporate owned Skyline Chili restaurants. Sky Co-op’s focus is on the purchasing of food and paper products as well as expanding other supplies, equipment and related services used by their restaurant concept’s owners and operators. 

“Over the last two years, ArrowStream’s systems have been critical for ensuring accurate rebate capture for our members” said Tom Hannon, President at Sky Co-op. “ArrowStream’s account management and product teams are fantastic, they understand our business. The rebate capture and other features have delivered an ROI exceeding our fees, which motivated us to explore additional ArrowStream modules.”

The ease-of-use, collaborative workflow with over 1,200 suppliers and 300 distributors, integrated supply chain data, and ability to tie franchisee credits to the invoice in real time, were all significant reasons to make the switch to ArrowStream’s FSIM. 

“We’re confident that FSIM will make the incident capture and resolution process more efficient, and we also expect to see an increase in credits recovered” continued Tom Hannon. “It’s all because of how ArrowStream ties the data together with our supply partners.” 

Key to the success and adoption of FSIM has been ArrowStream’s focus on delivering a solution that works for distributors and suppliers, who have participated in the solution design and worked with ArrowStream to integrate incident notifications with their customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, cutting down error rates and response time.

“We’re excited for Sky to leverage FSIM not only because it will be a big win for Supply Chain, but also a game changer for Operations and Finance” said Marc Larson, VP of Sales at ArrowStream “Sky is deploying one of our key modules that ties together the restaurants, distributors, and suppliers. We currently have more than 15,000 locations utilizing this module and the ROI is incredible for our customers.”  

Sky Co-op is among a growing network of customers including IPC Subway, Huey Magoo’s, Arby’s Purchasing Co-operative (ARCOP), Bonchon Chicken, and Shake Shack, among others. ArrowStream’s solutions are developed specifically for the foodservice industry and provide operators, distributors, and manufacturers with an intelligent network that drives efficiency and cost savings in an end-to-end solution for their partners.  

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