Noodles & Company Extends Partnership with ArrowStream Adding Product QA Solution

Noodles & Company Sees a 40% Increase in Credits Recaptured through ArrowStream’s Foodservice Incident Management (FSIM)

CHICAGO – May 17, 2023 - ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, announced American fast-casual restaurant chain, Noodles & Company (“Noodles”), renewed its long-term partnership with ArrowStream after seeing substantial ROI from ArrowStream’s Foodservice Incident Management (FSIM).

Founded in 1995, Noodles has been serving guests Uncommon Goodness and noodles your way, with noodles and flavors you know and love, as well as new ones you’re about to discover. Since 2019, Noodles 450+ locations have been leveraging ArrowStream Central to maintain control of its supply chain, manage inventory, and optimize spend.

Noodles added ArrowStream’s FSIM to streamline processes for reporting product and service issues. A recent ArrowStream Case Study describes how prior to using FSIM, Noodles relied on email to receive and respond to these types of product and service matters. This presented challenges in terms of understanding the full scope and magnitude of the situation. Without a central database, the team was challenged to identify system-wide quality incidents that needed to be addressed with their suppliers and distributors.

“Being able to see the full picture provides the QA team with so much flexibility that just wasn’t possible before,” said Steve Calamaris, Director of Food Safety & Quality Assurance at Noodles. “QA can focus on the real problem areas, understand risk factors, and even see when issues are isolated to certain regions.”

After just six months, Noodles saw remarkable results. With the solution rolled out to over 450 locations, spanned across 15 distributor locations and 62 manufacturers, Noodles resolved thousands of issues, and reported six figures in credits tracked. They’ve also seen a 40% increase in credits recaptured.

“Noodles has been an incredible partner and continues to push to modernize their supply chain,” said Jay Moon, Chief Customer Success Officer at ArrowStream. “With FSIM they are minimizing resolution times, maximizing credits recovered, and seeing a real ROI. They’re getting the most out of the solution by driving quicker resolution to potential quality issues. This ultimately helps their supply chain partners become more invested in delivering the right products and the right service to their customers.”

ArrowStream’s FSIM leverages integrated supply chain data to help over 15,000 restaurant chain locations capture product and service issues in 30 seconds or less and reduce resolution time by 65%. Learn more about Noodles’ FSIM success in ArrowStream’s recently published case study.

Noodles is among a growing network of customers including Carl’s Jr., Dickey’s Barbeque Pit, and Raising Cane’s, among others. ArrowStream’s solutions are developed specifically for the foodservice industry and provide restaurant chains, distributors, and manufacturers with end-to-end visibility into mission critical data and advanced analytics.

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