Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) Selects ArrowStream as their Strategic Technology Partner for Supply Chain Management

IPC SubwayPurchasing co-op representing Subway® Franchise Owners with 25,000 North American restaurants will use ArrowStream to maximize supply chain value for franchisees

CHICAGO, September 14, 2020 — ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leader in end-to-end supply chain management software for the foodservice industry, today announced a partnership with Independent Purchasing Cooperative (“IPC”), a purchasing co-operative for the owners of 25,000 Subway® restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. IPC has licensed ArrowStream’s market-leading supply chain solutions to access timely visibility across its extensive partner network and to deliver the insights and operating precision required to provide the freshest and highest quality products to every Subway® location, each day.

Founded in 1996, IPC was created to represent the best interests of Subway® Franchise Owners with a mission focused on Franchise Owner profitability and a sustainable, uninterrupted supply of high-quality goods. With ArrowStream, IPC will streamline its internal and external data sources through a single data platform to provide end-to-end visibility, to automate manual process and to intuitively uncover actionable opportunities. IPC will realize opportunities for optimizing food spend, proactively managing inventory, ensuring product and pricing compliance, and performing automated data-driven RFP processes with their suppliers.

With over 200 restaurant chains, 1,000 distributor locations and 7,500 suppliers in its network, ArrowStream additionally brings to IPC the benefits of a thriving ecosystem of foodservice providers. Through access to accurate data and collaboration via common workflow applications, both IPC and their partners will eliminate industry-wide friction in supply chain operations.

“After a very thorough evaluation, it was clear that ArrowStream is the leading solution in our industry and will enable my team to significantly contribute to our franchisees’ success,” said Dennis Clabby, Chief Purchasing Officer at IPC. “Not only did we see this as a considerable upgrade compared to our current-state systems, but ArrowStream’s commitment to their technology and the foodservice operator space is what we were looking for in a long-term partner.”

ArrowStream empowers restaurant chains to strategically manage their supply chain and creates a single source of truth for a company’s procurement, distribution and quality teams. To ensure the highest level of responsiveness to supply issues, ArrowStream is also connecting directly with IPC’s 120+ suppliers, pulling production and invoice information to assess in near-real time against distributor and store inventory data. This will provide the end-to-end visibility required today to manage such a complex supply chain. 

“We are excited to be a strategic supply chain technology partner to an organization with a strong culture, great people, and an excellent track record of creating value for the franchisees of Subway®,” said Jeff Dorr, Chief Customer Officer at ArrowStream. “In these unprecendented times during COVID-19, we have seen a dramatic increase in new customers due to the need for consolidated supply chain data, better visibility and greater efficiencies. Whether a chain has tens of thousands of locations like IPC or still emerging, we are proud to support customers with our quick-to-implement and scaleable solutions.”

IPC is the latest foodservice operator to partner with ArrowStream, joining a growing list of customers, including Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Shake Shack, Inspire Brands, and QDOBA Mexican Eats, among others. ArrowStream’s solutions are developed specifically for the foodservice industry and also provide its customers help in maintaining supply chain quality compliance and avoiding food safety issues, as well as access to commodity intelligence to ensure supply chain teams are making the most informed purchasing decisions.

For restaurant chain operators who want to learn more, contact ArrowStream’s expert team.

About Independent Purchasing Cooperative

IPC is an independent Subway® franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative. IPC negotiates the lowest costs for purchased goods and services, while improving quality, enhancing competitiveness and ensuring the best value to Subway® members and their customers. For more information, visit

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Restaurant chain operators are capitalizing on their data to gain visibility into their supply chain, source smarter and strengthen food quality programs with ArrowStream. Through our global network of 1,200 distributors and 7,500 suppliers, we enable operators to streamline logistics and collaborate with their partners more efficiently. As the only end-to-end foodservice software solution built for corporate procurement and quality assurance teams, we’re proud to help over 200 of the largest chains protect their brand, optimize their supply chain and mitigate business risks. For more information, please visit

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