Employee Spotlight #3 Brian Fitzpatrick

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We are excited to spotlight Brian Fitzpatrick – sales operations manager at ArrowStream. Brian has fifteen years of experience working in sales and business management and joined the ArrowStream team last year.

Not only is Brian hardworking, dedicated, and astute, he is a phenomenal teammate. Skies are the only limit to Brian’s potential, therefore, I recommend him highly as a scholar and a professional!”

– Richard Von Nelson, AVP – Retail Account Manager at Citibank

What has your experience been with our company culture? 

ArrowStream is all about supporting one another. As a fast-growing software firm, things happen fast, and changes come regularly. It is amazing to have a dynamic and supportive culture. With the flexibility I find here I can not only leverage my skills more fully, but I have an abundant opportunity to grow.  

What is your team like?

Though part of the Finance team, I spend much of my time with the Revenue Team. The Finance team is incredibly sharp and supportive. The Revenue folks are incredibly adaptive, which is important in a young company like ArrowStream. With the regular changes in our market, the team can pivot to take advantage of opportunities and shift their footing to tackle new challenges.  

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team?

The Leadership team as I have mentioned is supportive and collaborative. They are very willing to jump in and get their hands in the mix. In my role, I deal with a few software solutions that support the revenue pipeline. I am always amazed at how our leaders here can grasp how these tools work and utilize them with minimal support. I have found that to not always be the case in previous roles. 

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team?

In the five months I have been with ArrowStream, I have reconfigured our CRM, including layouts, workflows, hierarchy and permissions. I have also connected three systems to support the flow of sales and marketing data and have been involved in three vendor evaluations.  

What kinds of resources have you taken advantage of while on our team?

ArrowStream has adopted a remote work policy and that has been incredibly valuable for me as it has saved me countless dollars on commuting. There was also an incentive offered to all employees to purchase office equipment which I leveraged for a proper work environment.  

“Let’s work together, check here for available opportunities to join the ArrowStream team!”