Employee Spotlight #2 Anthony Rose


We are thrilled to introduce Anthony Rose – enterprise sales director at Arrowstream. Anthony has fourteen years of experience working in sales and account management for the tech and restaurant industries and joined the Arrowstream team last year. 

He is the epitome of a sales professional. Well prepared, forward thinking, intelligent and serves with empathy. No opportunity has proven too big for him. He works the process, builds relationships and always comes in above target regardless of the obstacles. On a personal note, he is eager to help, listen and act if it will benefit another. He has an innate ability to make the people around him better.” 

– Dan Murphy, VP of Partnerships/Business Development at Paytronix 

What is your team like?    

I am lucky to work with a very close knit and collaborative community of Sales professionals. Our leader, Raj Badarinath, understands the importance of all ArrowStream employees collaborating to serve the needs of our partners. It is important to ensure all hands are on deck when it comes to continually strengthening our partnerships to mitigate supply chain risks/disruptions.   

As a sales team, we’re extremely fortunate to have industry experts like Jeff Dorr, Bill Becker, and Michael Artman on our side. They’re supply chain thought leaders and it is apparent with the wealth of knowledge they possess. I’m truly amazed by this and thankful they are on our team.  

Rick Koletavitoglu and the marketing team have really hit the ground running to ensure the entire organization is supported from a marketing standpoint. They have already increased our visibility through multiple channels and have done a great job with recent webinars and upcoming field events. Truly excited to see what this team can achieve in the months to come.  

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team?    

The first thing that I have noticed about our leadership team is the impressive level of industry experience they share as a group. We have a leadership team that has a great makeup of Tech/SaaS AND foodservice experience. It is important to understand the industry we serve and our team is a great example of that.  

They also strive to do what’s best for our employees and our business. It is refreshing to see their actions do all the talking. As an employee of ArrowStream, I not only feel supported by our leadership team, but also empowered to make impactful decisions to support our customers.

What do you like most about ArrowStream?    

Having worked in both restaurant operations for 8+ years and another 10 in technology, I take a great deal of pride working for an organization that places such a large emphasis on being, “Customer Centric.” We understand that it is the relationships and people we work with that drives a successful partnership and that is evident in our 98% customer retention rate. I have worked in the SaaS/Tech space for the last 10 years and those metrics are quite impressive and something to be proud of. Not to mention the fact that our partners view us as a solution provider that not only solves the challenges of today but provides them a solution to which they can scale with.    

What’s the most unique part about working here?    

Everyone clearly understands their mission and that is to help our customers overcome the challenges of today and be prepared for what tomorrow may bring. The fact that there are no barriers blocking intercompany collaboration ensures we’re meeting the level of support needed. Everyone understands that if our partners succeed, we succeed, and that is our driving factor for everything we do.   

Our Implementation team, led by Kim Randolph, ensures that our new customers are supported from the moment the project is kicked off, all the way through end user completion/adoption. The team is methodical and their attention to detail is phenomenal.   

I love the fact that our level of support does not end with Kim and her team. Our Customer Success team, led by Brittany Tamul, and our Account Management team, led by Michelle Clark, continue to support our customers throughout their entire ArrowStream life cycle. This level of support is necessary for forging such strategic partnerships. 


“Let’s work together, check here for available opportunities to join the ArrowStream team!”