Ben E. Keith Extends its Partnership with ArrowStream

Partnership with ArrowStream

ArrowStream’s Crossbow technology gives Ben E. Keith the ability to take pre-emptive actions to manage and optimize freight costs.

Chicago, Ill. – August 8, 2018: ArrowStream ®, a foodservice supply chain innovator that combines market-leading software and services to improve supply chain performance, today announced Ben E. Keith Company (Ben E. Keith) has renewed its license of ArrowStream’s Crossbow technology. With Crossbow, Ben E. Keith will continue to advance its inbound logistics performance by leveraging real-time data intelligence and analytics to better optimize transportation costs, provide higher service levels and higher inventory turns.

One of the largest foodservice distributors in the United States, Ben E. Keith manages an increasingly complex network of hundreds of suppliers across the country. To scale distribution operations while maintaining service levels and minimizing transportation costs, Ben E. Keith requires a state-of-the-art data solution to gain visibility into performance drivers and make real-time decisions based on data insights with complete accuracy.

“We continue to partner with ArrowStream based on its technological capabilities, our proven track record of success on the Crossbow platform, and their foodservice knowledge,” said Senior Vice President of Purchasing, Andy McCaskill, Ben E. Keith. “Our goal is to maintain control over freight efficiency while remaining highly responsive to our customers, and the insights Crossbow provides into the performance of our freight under management plays an important role.”

Crossbow powers Ben E. Keith’s inbound logistics planning by connecting to both the Purchasing and Transportation systems. This link provides unparalleled visibility into actual performance and cost drivers to optimize both ordering and routing patterns, reducing logistics spend and improving organizational alignment. With Crossbow, Ben E. Keith can identify the mix of supplier pairings, order sizing and delivery timing that drives the lowest possible freight cost while protecting inventory
cycle times. In addition, Crossbow’s real-time operations monitoring and feedback framework allows Ben E. Keith’s purchasing, logistics and transportation personnel to collaborate in reducing freight costs without disrupting daily operations.

“As a company that restaurant brands across the country trust, Ben E. Keith is leveraging leading-edge supply chain technology to create a predictable product flow and improve overall efficiencies,” said Jeff Dorr, ArrowStream’s Chief Customer Officer. “With 5 of the top 10 distributors using Crossbow, we gain great insight into how distributors are working with our mutual restaurant customers. We are proud that they continue to turn to ArrowStream when looking for best-in-class solutions to enable a competitive edge and deliver the best services and quality of product to their customers.”

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Ben E. Keith Company is a distributor of food service products. Its independent Food Division supplies a full line of produce, frozen foods, meats, dry groceries, refrigerated foods, paper goods, equipment and supplies to restaurants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other institutional businesses. For more information on Ben E. Keith, please visit

About ArrowStream
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, ArrowStream is the first company to connect the foodservice industry into a centralized solution for supply chain management, optimizing powerful data to provide unprecedented levels of transparency, control and actionable insight.  ArrowStream has been serving the foodservice industry for more than 18 years, combining proven supply chain and logistics expertise with data science and analytics to help clients rethink and optimize their supply chains.  For more information on ArrowStream, please visit

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