ArrowStream Launches New Visibility, Spend Insight and Quality Issue Management Capabilities to Better Meet the Needs of Foodservice Supply Chains

OnDemand precision supply chain management platform leverages data science and analytics to provide predictive and actionable insights into restaurants’ entire food supply chain, enabling greater visibility, savings and control

Chicago, IL – June 21, 2016 – ArrowStream, a supply chain innovator that combines proven supply chain expertise with data science and analytics to improve the way supply chains perform, today announced it has significantly enhanced its OnDemand platform. The updated solution for food supply management is used by restaurant industry leaders nationwide and allows greater visibility, savings and control through predictive and actionable insights.

OnDemand now features an interface tailored to users’ priorities that directs restaurant chains and other foodservice providers where to take action to manage spend, inventory, contracts, promotions and pricing, as well as new features that enable restaurants and their corporate offices to quickly respond to quality issues. The platform’s clean, streamlined interface was created in collaboration with ArrowStream’s customers, which include some of the top brands nationwide.

Consumer expectations for fresh food and variety have never been higher. Today’s restaurant chains and their supply chain operations face the multi-faceted challenge of delivering an elevated dining experience while also ensuring stellar food quality at a fair price for their guests. A new level of supply chain visibility and cost control is paramount for meeting this challenge.

“We have brought together individuals from top tech companies and foodservice entities to build a team focused on innovating the food supply chain,” said Frank Morgiewicz, Chief Executive Officer of ArrowStream. “This diverse team not only holds decades of combined foodservice experience, but has also launched game-changing applications to millions of users inside and outside the supply chain, from globally-used map applications to spend management solutions for the Fortune 500. Now, these same individuals have revamped OnDemand with a simple-to-use, yet powerful, user experience that surfaces insights in a proactive way.”

“The food supply chain is one of the most dynamic and complex there is, and requires solutions that recognize and react to its specific challenges,” said Jeff Dorr, Chief Customer Officer, ArrowStream. “We are fortunate to work every day with many of the most visionary brands in the business as we evolve our solutions. With their input, we are propelling forward the capabilities of the industry to reduce the cost, complexity and time it takes to proactively manage the food supply chain.”

OnDemand aggregates data from a restaurant’s supply chain partners to provide management with unparalleled levels of insight, transparency and control over their food supply chain. With OnDemand, restaurant supply chains can improve operations using inventory-monitoring features that examine current, allocated, and pending distributor inventory levels and alert them when products are at risk or out of stock. OnDemand’s category-spend and compliance analytics allow exception-driven oversight and planning for both perishable and non-perishable spend. Whether ramping up for a promotion or managing seasonality, OnDemand makes it easy to establish priorities and eliminate surprises.

“ArrowStream is the definition of a partner for us,” said Ric Scicchitano, Executive Vice President for Food and Supply Chain, Corner Bakery Café. “OnDemand provides us with a very easy platform to work with and brings sophistication to our supply chain processes while also providing a quick return on our investment. In today’s world of managing risk, spend, and inventory, OnDemand delivers on being a proven platform that works tremendously for our brand.”

OnDemand also simplifies the process of managing supplier contracts by streamlining communication between the restaurant chain and all of its suppliers and enabling them to view and manage individual contracts on a continuous basis. Automated spend audits alert users to price discrepancies or changes and indicate when contracts are about to expire so immediate action can be taken to minimize wasted spend.

ArrowStream has been serving the food industry for over 16 years, helping over 50 concepts, such as Jamba Juice, Popeyes, Hardees, and many more rethink and optimize their supply chains.


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ArrowStream, Inc.
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