Arrowstream Launches CommodityONE: Actionable Commodity Intelligence and Forecasting for the Foodservice Industry

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CHICAGO, December 20, 2021ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the market leader in end-to-end supply chain management software for the foodservice industry, today announced the launch of its commodity intelligence subscription service that helps restaurants develop brand strategies within purchasing, marketing, and finance. As the most in-depth food service commodities report on the market, CommodityONE is the definitive starting point for business planning discussions.

“Now more than ever, restaurants need to protect their margins. Our comprehensive report helps people establish predictive food prices for the upcoming year and build strategies to off-set inflation or take advantage of deflation. The insights from CommodityONE empower more than the purchasing team. It gives everyone from CFOs to CPOs the ability to anticipate and budget against market fluctuations,” said Matt Heckroth, Senior Director of Product Management at ArrowStream.

As the go-to guide for restaurant chain CFOs and CSCOs looking for better margin management, CommodityONE provides definitive content that presents the trends and forecasts that align with what’s happening in the industry – on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. The entire offering is released to subscribers periodically and as part of two distinct packages: The Essentials Package and the Forecast Plus Package. 

The Essentials Package contains the CommodityONE Weekly Report that arrives on Mondays, the CommodityONE Daily Report that is published Tuesdays through Fridays, the CommodityONE Restaurant Index Report that is offered monthly, and the CommodityONE Food Outlook Report that is released quarterly.

The second package, the Forecast Plus Package includes the above comprehensive reports along with a consultation and a custom offering tailored to an enterprise. This package includes the CommodityONE Company Customized Monthly Report, Access to CommodityONE Market Report Tile with Forecast Dashboard and Custom Consulting on Commodity Forecasting.

“This industry is seeing the highest inflationary year in the last 40 to 50 years. We’re launching CommodityONE so that we can serve a wider audience throughout the food service industry that desperately needs the visibility. In combination with the ArrowStream Content Hub, we will be able to offer our customers greater access to exclusive information that yields the kind of results that can dramatically improve their business margins,” said ArrowStream’s Chief Revenue Officer, Raj Badarinath.

For more information and to read the latest CommodityONE Report, click here.

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