ArrowStream Announces the Launch of Quality Incident Management


CHICAGO, October 17, 2018 — ArrowStream, a leading provider of supply chain visibility, sourcing tools and supply chain analytics technology for the foodservice industry, announced the launch of its Quality Incident Management solution.

“Our restaurant customers provided us with a clear challenge – help us centralize quality and service issue information while driving accelerated resolution with our trading partners,” said Jeff Dorr, ArrowStream’s Chief Customer Officer. “With our Quality Incident Management solution, we’ve met that challenge. Our initial clients have seen incident resolution time reduced by over 50%, credit recovery increased by 20%, and credit resolution time reduced to 2-3 days.”

The ArrowStream Quality Incident Management solution combines tools that enable operators to:

  • Capture quality or service incidents at the restaurant level
  • Automate communications across trading partners – ensuring the right information gets to the right person
  • Monitor incident status and ensure resolution
  • Verify appropriate credits are applied while reducing resolution time
  • Gather analytics on incidents and establish KPI’s

“By centralizing food quality data and incident management workflows within a single platform, the complexity of the overall response process is greatly reduced,” said Bill Michalski, Chief Solutions Officer at ArrowStream. “By making this a truly integrated process, we’re seeing improved collaboration and reduced administrative efforts across operators, distributors and manufacturers.”

ArrowStream’s technology continues to be the leader in managing contracts, audits, food spend, and inventory, and now facilitates better collaboration among key partners to improve food safety and food quality, all in a single platform. Supply chain partners benefit from clearer visibility into restaurant-level safety, quality or service issues, allowing them to act sooner and resolve incidents faster.

This release demonstrates ArrowStream’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for the foodservice industry. Join ArrowStream for a live webinar on October 31 to see Quality Incident Management in action. Quality Incident Management will be available starting in December 2018.


About ArrowStream

Founded in 2000, ArrowStream is a foodservice supply chain technology company that helps clients capitalize on data to improve their business. ArrowStream serves hundreds of chain restaurant operators, distributors and food manufacturers with a single platform that optimizes supply chain efficiency, enhances sourcing programs and improves food quality.


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