ArrowStream Unveils Major Upgrade to Crossbow: Empowering Foodservice Distributors with Enhanced Productivity Features and Lane Profitability

Leading Foodservice Cloud Platform for Supply Chain Intelligence Overhauls Unique Inbound Logistics Solution  

CHICAGO – November 9, 2023 – ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leading provider of supply chain management solutions for the foodservice industry, is thrilled to announce the latest upgrades to its renowned software product, Crossbow. This marks a major milestone for the exclusive inbound freight planning and performance management tool, modernizing the way distributors optimize their operations and maximize profitability of their inbound logistics programs.

Designed for leading foodservice distributors, ArrowStream’s inbound optimization platform helps customers optimize more than 16 billion pounds of inbound volume across 240+ distribution centers nationwide, providing an average savings of 22% against $1.8B+ in freight spend. Crossbow offers critical insights into freight programs, streamlines data collection workflows to increase managed programs over 50% of volume, boosts network efficiency, and provides robust actionable intelligence tools for real-time monitoring of logistics plans. This proactive approach allows logistics managers to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing industry, resulting in an average program growth of 5-7% for distributors, which equates to over a billion pounds of new freight.

One of ArrowStream’s strategic distribution partners, Ben E. Keith, highlights the enhanced efficiency it brings to daily operations. “Since implementing Crossbow, we have increased our managed inbound logistics program by 212%, with a 15% increase in new freight, and nearly 90% compliance to logistics plans,” said Owen Stull, Director of Logistics at Ben E. Keith. 

With more than ten years of battle-tested service, Crossbow is trusted by some of the most established distributors in foodservice with nearly 800+ active users across a nationwide distribution network. The platform prioritizes daily focal areas and provides trend data to encourage continual improvements in response to the growing tactical workloads of logistics managers. Crossbow empowers teams both large and small with quick decision-making capabilities to maximize savings.

The cornerstone of this upgrade for Crossbow lies in the consolidated workflows and provides distributors with a comprehensive view of their daily tasks, freight performance, and cost-saving opportunities. By creating a holistic and user-friendly interface, Crossbow equips distributors to make faster, more informed decisions and drive streamlined supply chain management.

Bill Michalski, Chief Product Officer at ArrowStream, discusses the upgrade saying, “Crossbow delivers unprecedented value to our customers, empowering them to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. With the new UX incorporating easy to use guided analytics, we anticipate an even bigger impact.” 

Owen Stull at Ben E. Keith went on to say, “The new analytical dashboards have continued to highlight areas of opportunity for us and onboarding new users at all 10 of our distribution centers to the platform has been a game changer. Utilizing a proactive and predictive model to freight management allows us to focus on exceptions and apply continuous improvement practices that have led to a 25% improvement to freight savings and a 5% increase to cases under management. We couldn’t run our business without ArrowStream and Crossbow. Our logistics managers handle more volume than ever before thanks to the efficiencies that Crossbow brings to our organization.” 

While this upgrade marks a pivotal moment for foodservice distributors, ArrowStream is already looking ahead to more transformative updates in the pipeline. Future enhancements will focus on providing even more essential supplier information, with the goal of additional time savings and increased business revenue. 

ArrowStream is highly committed to driving innovation through foodservice supply chain management solutions, and the new Crossbow reflects the company’s dedication to helping foodservice distributors thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Crossbow supports broadline distributors, specialty distributors, and redistributors across North America ensuring billions in foodservice products get delivered on time and on budget. To learn more about ArrowStream and Crossbow, please visit, or contact ArrowStream’s expert team for a one-on-one consultation.

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