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Inbound Freight Optimization

Maximize routing efficiencies and improve alignment with internal and external partners.

Transporting food and food related products comes with an endless array of logistical challenges. Optimizing inbound freight can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, as well as environmental footprint. Whether you’re a distributor selling into a food service operator, or into a retail convenience store, ArrowStream can help you maximize routing efficiencies and save money. Our platform allows you to view transportation management and purchasing data in one place. This lets you uncover inbound logistics opportunities, gain actionable intelligence, plan better, and execute strategically.

Maximize truckloads

Complete inbound network visibility provides you alerts and recommendations to make strategic plans. Consolidate loads to increase trailer utilization and reduce emissions. Additionally, locate vendor managed freight that can be brought in house for more savings.

Freight under management increases 5.5% on average
1 %

Increase Productivity Across Teams

Teams can express clear expectations and implement corrective actions in real time with specified financial targets, a disciplined procedure, and improved visibility.

Optimize order volumes and product tracking

Review recommendations for optimal order size and frequency based on order patterns. Suggestions ensure maximum freight savings without inventory detriment. Then track products in real time with FourKites integration.

National broadline reduced average days on hand by an average of

0 days

Case Study from a customer

“Our network is too large and our people too busy to have buyers and load planners searching together for every missed opportunity. Crossbow now does that for us, and puts us in control of when to take action.”

Owen Stull
Director of Logistics
Ben E Keith

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