Employee Spotlight – Krystle McClanahan

Employee Spotlight - Krystle McClanahan - ArrowStream

This week’s employee spotlight features Krystle McClanahan – Data Integration Lead at ArrowStream. Krystle has over twelve years of experience working in electronic data and joined ArrowStream two years ago.

Could you describe what you do at ArrowStream?
I am a data integration lead, so I’m responsible for implementing and testing data files which provide supply chain visibility to customers. I also provide support to the team, overseeing project status to ensure that everything is moving towards the finish line efficiently.

Do you find your work at ArrowStream different compared to previous roles?
Yeah, it is definitely different, it is not your standard EDI transmission that we do here. It’s a different type of data integration and transmission, which has been interesting to learn. And I do enjoy doing the quality control on the data.

To what extent do you work on a team or on your own?
There’s a team of six data integration analysts and we all do testing and implementation for customers and distributors, so we all work as a team to ensure that the projects are completed.

How would you describe your team?
My team is awesome. We’re all very driven and detail-oriented people and we work efficiently together. Every one of us will not hesitate to jump in and help if there is an issue. My manager is also willing to do the work and she’s very helpful with our professional growth – she genuinely cares about our feedback and our growth in the company. 

Do you have a favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite projects would be the new distributor connections, where we implement and review new specifications with distributors. I specifically enjoyed the IPC implementation and the DMA project where we had to add extra data elements to the specification to make it customer-specific and unique.

What are your thoughts on the company culture?
I like the culture here. I think the committee does a fine job trying to implement fun activities, and I think everyone here is personable and fun to work with.

What is something unique about you that most people are unaware of?
I have a passion for over-the-top seasonal decorating.

Do you have a favorite restaurant food?
Turkey club sandwich.

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