Employee Spotlight Hanh Cao


Today’s interview features Hanh Cao – Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at ArrowStream. Hanh has been with ArrowStream since 2017 and has over seven years of experience working in software development.

Could you describe what you do at ArrowStream?
I work on both manual and automation testing. When there is a new project or an enhancement to our existing application, I test the projects, their features, their functionality, the user interface, and the data validation.

How did you get started working in quality assurance? 
I majored in management information systems and my experience and fascination led me to quality assurance. I worked in quality control for a few years and was intrigued with ways to improve software quality from both a business and technological perspective.

What made you want to work at ArrowStream? 
I learned from my interview with the team that the system at ArrowStream has very high complexity and heavy usage of data, so I wanted that challenge.

What do you like about working at ArrowStream?
ArrowStream is smaller than my previous company, so I can make a bigger impact. I enjoy that I have the opportunity to independently lead projects here.

How different do you find your quality assurance work at ArrowStream compared to previous roles?
At ArrowStream, we accomplish a lot more due to our team collaboration, prioritization, and dedication to test-execution. In my previous roles, I was more invested in writing test cases and test plans, which meant there was less test coverage, execution, and results.

How have you grown professionally at the company?
Obtaining technical skill sets, product knowledge, and industry experience.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?
Courtney Edens, he has a huge drive for success in the foodservice industry and it probably starts with his appetite – literally and figuratively.

What parts of the ArrowStream mission do you connect with?
I strongly believe in kaizen – a Japanese term meaning beneficial change or continuous improvement – and ArrowStream embodies that. We’re always trying to get better with an endless cycle of improvement.

What has been your favorite project?
I am proud to have helped deliver our supply contracts to fruition with minimal production issues. It’s a modern version of a vendor contract with an upgraded user interface and new added capabilities that improve the process of creating and managing our client’s contracts.

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