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The foodservice supply chain has been thrown into disarray amidst the turmoil of the pandemic, and companies working in food production, food processing, food storage, and food distribution have faced inordinate challenges over the last two years in response to the chaos. Due to supply shortages, shipping restrictions, and facility shutdowns, restaurants are facing constant difficulty with getting the products they need to operate. ArrowStream data has shown a two-fold increase in foodservice supply shortages since the start of the pandemic as restaurants struggle with late, damaged, expired, and incorrect deliveries.

Restaurant sales were down a staggering 27% during the pandemic, leading to the permanent closing of 68,000 restaurants. However, unlike most foodservice sectors, pizza sales have skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic. Domino’s Pizza stock soared 88% between January 2020 and January 2022, but they too suffered from the logistical difficulties of the pandemic. Their sudden increase in production was at times halted by supply shortages from meat production facilities shutting down from coronavirus outbreaks. With this dramatic increase in orders, it is absolutely vital for pizza businesses to ensure that they have the supplies they need to meet the surging demand. 

ArrowStream is no stranger to enhancing the efficiency of pizza supply chains. Sbarro, California Pizza Kitchen, MOD Pizza, Mellow Mushroom, and Marco’s Pizza all trust the ArrowStream foodservice cloud to seamlessly organize all of their locations and suppliers – providing them with end-to-end visibility, streamlined communication, and informative metrics for future business decisions.

The ArrowStream foodservice cloud platform provides automated tracking and workflow between a restaurant’s suppliers, distributors, and corporate team – allowing orderly, coherent communication and swift resolution. After utilizing the ArrowStream cloud, customers reduced the time it took to identify and solve quality incidents by an average of 50%, recovered an average of 20% more credit, and closed outstanding credit incidents within an average of 36 hours.

ArrowStream allows restaurants to identify, solve, and prevent foodservice incidents with rapid efficiency – saving restaurants time and money by reducing the number of resources spent on chasing down vendors after foodservice incidents. The enhanced visibility and streamlined ease of communication also allow restaurants to address problems proactively – anticipating and solving them before they get out of hand. Most restaurants have no visibility into their supply chains whatsoever, wasting valuable time and money dealing with supply chain difficulties such as incorrect or incomplete shipments. The ArrowStream foodservice cloud platform is fast, simple, scalable, and easy to use – eliminating the time demand of contacting vendors after supply chain incidents. The ArrowStream cloud already provides several leading pizza chains with the ability to confidently and effectively manage their deliveries and incidents amidst the present upheaval.

With orders surging and supply shortages everywhere, you cannot afford to let your pizza restaurant be unable to fulfill them. Business is booming and your restaurants need their supplies and ingredients to capitalize on it. Sign up here for more information on how to get your restaurant back off the ground. 

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