Employee Spotlight – Nick Hummer

employee spotlight nick hummer

We are delighted to introduce Nick Hummer – director of product management at ArrowStream. Nick has over sixteen years of experience working in product management and joined the ArrowStream team last year.

“Beyond being both incredibly smart and savvy, Nick was a pleasure to be in the trenches with every day as a fellow director and in a digital company, that goes a long way. Just a great, great talent.”

– Marc Blumer, Group Marketing Director at mdg

What do you like about your work at ArrowStream in contrast to previous positions?

Much of my previous experience has been in a very different industry, so ArrowSteam has given me an opportunity to not just start with a new company but ingrain myself in a new industry.  Every day feels like a combo meal of brand new things for me to learn, which has been refreshing in a way I haven’t felt since I was just starting my first real job as an adult. There’s a challenge in starting out in a new space that you don’t get if you’ve been talking about car sales for the last two decades. It’s refreshing to be the person in the room with the outsider perspective who can ask the questions that might not otherwise get asked. 

What made you want to work at ArrowStream?

I’ve worked with the CTO in a different life, so when he reached out to me I was certainly happy to listen. The interview process also taught me a great deal about the organization and the people, and everything I learned indicated a company with major upside that had very impressive retention of both customers and employees.  

On a personal level though – I have a passion for “quick-service restaurants.”  It’s an industry that was on my shortlist, so I love the idea that somehow I’ve contributed to that limited-time-offer fried chicken meal I can’t wait to try. One thing I’ve attempted to take from the pandemic is that life is far more enjoyable when you’re working on a product or in an industry that brings you joy. Especially if that joy is deep-fried and golden-battered.

How have you grown professionally while at ArrowStream?

Working in a new industry with a completely different language and problems has been a fascinating adventure, with every day bringing new challenges. I’ve had to get comfortable asking the “dumb” questions every single day as well without having over a decade of experience to fall back on. ArrowStream is also a growing company where you might get the opportunity to wear a bunch of different hats. I like to feel like I have an extensive professional “hat rack” so to speak, but this has enabled me to dust off a bunch of them and try them back on. 

What has been your favorite project at ArrowStream?

This is a tough one to answer, not because I can’t pick the project, but because I don’t want to say too much. One of my favorite parts of working here is how quickly I was encouraged to contribute at a strategic level, which includes a big project I started a few months after joining. We’re closing in on month six of that project and about to turn a pretty exciting corner, so hopefully, I’ll be able to say more soon. Regardless, it says a lot about a company that they are excited to welcome someone from outside the industry with a new perspective, and trust them to engage heavily in a strategic project expected to have an impact on the company’s future direction.

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