Don’t Miss the FSMA Panel Discussion at the Supply Chain Expert Exchange.

Calling all restaurant supply chain professionals. The Supply Chain Expert Exchange Spring Conference is coming up on May 16-17, 2024, at the Swissotel Chicago, and you won’t want to miss it. This industry-leading event is designed by and for restaurant supply chain experts like you, offering valuable education, networking opportunities, and insights from your peers.

One of the most anticipated sessions at the conference is the panel discussion titled “Traceability – How prepared are you for FSMA Implementation?” This session dives deep into the complexities of implementing robust traceability systems to meet the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements.

The panel features a distinguished group of industry leaders, including:

  • Moderator: Rick Buttner, Principal, Buttner & Associates Consulting
  • Stacie Sanders, Senior Compliance Manager, ARCOP, Inc.
  • David Kraus, Chief Strategy Officer, Produce Alliance (Sister Brand from ArrowStream’s parent company, Buyer’s Edge Platform)
  • Meggan Hodgson, Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, High Liner Foods

You’ll hear from an operator, a distributor management group, and a supplier, offering a well-rounded perspective on the challenges and opportunities associated with FSMA compliance. Learn from their real-world experiences and gain valuable insights into navigating the complexities of traceability.

This session goes beyond just meeting regulations. The discussion will highlight the potential benefits of robust traceability systems, such as improved food safety, enhanced brand reputation, and increased operational efficiency. You might even walk away with a newfound appreciation for what lies on the other side of FSMA compliance.

While ArrowStream isn’t directly represented on the panel, ARCOP is a long-time customer, and David Kraus, Chief Strategy Officer of Produce Alliance, brings valuable insights from our sister brand within the Buyer’s Edge Platform. This shared knowledge allows us to stay at the forefront of FSMA compliance and provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

At ArrowStream, we understand the challenges of FSMA compliance. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our customers in achieving at least the minimum FSMA 204 compliance, well ahead of the January 2026 deadline.

Speak to one of our experts to learn how we can help you get FSMA compliant.

Don’t forget to attend the FSMA panel discussion at SCEE on May 16th. See you there.

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