COVID-19’s Historic Protein Supply Decline

As we experience a historic downturn in protein production, ArrowStream’s economists this week noted the U.S. meat protein industry’s swift reaction to the slowed foodservice demand.

“The slowed pork and beef output are well-documented due to plant concerns. This and poor margins are also impacting chicken producers. Two weeks ago, chicken output was a whopping 4.7 percent smaller than the prior year marking the biggest annual decline since March 2014. And as readers can tell, total protein output was down even sharper.”

The Future Outlook

“Look for this trend to continue for at least the better part of this spring.”


COVID-19's Historic Protein Supply Decline


COVID-19 Resource Center for Foodservice


ArrowStream’s sole priority as a leader and partner in the foodservice space has been, and continues to be, providing our customers and network with the tools, data and resources to help professionals prepare, stay updated and make necessary business decisions.

As we look to answering questions short-term and planning for long-term recovery, we encourage all to visit our Resource Center.



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