ArrowStream’s Inbound Logistics Solutions See over 10 Years of Helping Foodservice Distributors Efficiently Manage their Freight

CHICAGO, November 9, 2020 — ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leader in supply chain technology for the foodservice industry, celebrates over 10 years of helping foodservice distributors with innovative inbound logistics solutions. Now with a $1.2B inbound freight network, ArrowStream’s dedication to improving business for distributors remains as strong now as it did in 2009.  

ArrowStream’s inbound logistics technology is the only centralized platform for all inbound data which provides recommendations that can be immediately implemented. ArrowStream creates a repeatable process across the supply chain to collaborate and quickly solidify a plan of action. Users gain access to predictive analytics that flag priorities such as trending cost issues, network changes, or new opportunities to reduce costs.

ArrowStream’s customers have improved their business with a scalable and flexible model as well as through intuitive features and workflows including:

  • A centralized data platform for inbound data to assess opportunities
  • Repeatable processes to collaborate and finalize a supply chain plan
  • A proactive strategy to problem solving
  • Staying on track to reduce reaction times to network changes

Supply chain teams using ArrowStream have visibility across the network to increase managed inbound volumes through identification of consolidation opportunities, increased truckload fill rates and new lanes. Organizations can realize up to a 5% increase in freight under management using inbound logistics technology.

Actionable information is stored within the platform to increase communication efficiencies and establish relationships across the organization, reducing the loss of knowledge through attrition,  improving logistics operations efficiency by 7%, and increasing freight program compliance by up to 20%.

Real-time operations monitoring and feedback frameworks allow the supply chain to collaborate in reducing freight costs without disrupting daily operations. Organizations are experiencing on average a 5% reduction in inbound logistics costs.  

“We’re committed to enhancing our customers’ businesses by being a strategic partner and providing tailored solutions that address real problems.” said Melissa Wreath, Director of Account Management at ArrowStream. “Our customers’ success is our success. We have valued every partnership with our distributors over the past 10 years and look forward to contributing to their future successes.“

With more than 50+ years combined experience in foodservice distribution, ask ArrowStream’s inbound logistics experts how your supply chain team can spend less time searching for answers and more time solving them.  

About ArrowStream

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, and founded in 2000, ArrowStream is a foodservice supply chain technology company that helps clients capitalize on data to improve their business. Our innovative solutions address both supply chain management and inbound logistics, optimizing industry and customer data to provide unprecedented levels of transparency, control and actionable insight. We serve hundreds of chain restaurant operators, distributors and suppliers with a single platform that optimizes supply chain efficiency, enhances sourcing programs and improves food quality and collaboration with partners. For more information, visit

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