ArrowStream Announces Major Enhancement to its Contract Audit Solution

CHICAGO, March 26, 2019 — ArrowStream, the leader in supply chain technology for the foodservice industry, announced the launch of its 2nd generation Price Collaboration portal.

“Managing foodservice contracts and pricing sounds simple until you look at the number of companies, systems and business processes that intersect,” said Jeff Dorr, ArrowStream’s Chief Customer Officer. “With our new Price Collaboration portal, we’ve created a tool that reduces complexity, standardizes business processes and ultimately improves efficiency for restaurant chain operators, foodservice distributors and suppliers.”

The Price Collaboration portal allows operators to invite suppliers into the ArrowStream platform to input detailed pricing information. Once complete, the operator approves the new pricing, allowing those details to seamlessly flow into ArrowStream’s contract database, which can then be automatically tracked and audited. This closed-loop process benefits operators by reducing pricing errors while streamlining business processes with their suppliers and distributors.

“There is tremendous momentum in the foodservice industry with technology that fosters collaboration and reduces friction between trading partners,” said Bill Michalski, ArrowStream’s Chief Solutions Officer. “Even though our official launch is a month away, hundreds of suppliers already have access to the platform, and we see that growing significantly over the next several months.”

ArrowStream’s technology continues to be the leader in managing contracts, audits, food spend, and inventory, and now facilitates better collaboration among key supply chain partners, all in a single platform. This latest innovation will help to improve price accuracy, accelerate sourcing operations and streamline the contract management process.

Available starting in May 2019, the new Price Collaboration portal is part of ArrowStream’s industry leading Contract Audit Solution, used by over 200 chain restaurant brands, and will come standard with all current customer accounts.

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