Adoption of Quality Incident Management Continues to Grow

CHICAGO, February 26, 2019 — ArrowStream, Inc. (“ArrowStream”), the leader in supply chain visibility software for the foodservice industry, announced American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) has implemented ArrowStream’s Quality Incident Management solution to increase the transparency of, and to quickly resolve, quality issues with their suppliers and distributors.  

ArrowStream first announced the launch of Quality Incident Management in 2018 as part of their existing platform which helps improve supply chain visibility, inventory management and contract price compliance. The adoption of Quality Incident Management continues to grow as more and more restaurant chains need to track and resolve restaurant-level product quality and service incidents more efficiently, as well as improve collaboration among their suppliers and distributors. Customers using Quality Incident Management see a 50% reduction in the time it takes to track, follow and close quality events, and have improved credit recovery by 20%.

The Dairy Queen® system is among the many restaurant chains taking the next step towards true collaboration around food quality and safety and to see the value of quality management technology for its franchisees and restaurants. While enhancing their master data management and supply chain technology last year, ADQ chose to replace their quality management application with ArrowStream’s Quality Incident Management solution.

“Selecting ArrowStream for quality management made sense for us,” said Kelley Thompson, Distribution Support and Analysis Manager at ADQ. “It’s part of a great package that we were already leveraging for supply chain visibility and inventory and contract management. ArrowStream encapsulates all our supply chain data into one platform and now we also gain analytics on quality incidents to establish KPIs.”

In addition, ADQ anticipates improvements when recovering credits and with collaboration among their supply chain partners. Prior to using ArrowStream’s Quality Incident Management, ADQ was unable to tie invoices to credits which created difficulties for tracking and reporting, especially for its distributors. ArrowStream’s platform allows invoice attachments, increasing overall visibility and alignment with their distribution centers.

“Our distributors and suppliers were quick to adopt Quality Incident Management and we have 100 percent participation from our trading partners for contracted products,” said Thompson. “Having a single platform and process to collect quality data, communicate and resolve quality issues easily has made a positive impact on our business and relationships.”

“Our network continues to rapidly expand onto our quality management solution. We have over 9,000 stores, 76 DC locations and over 1,300 suppliers using Quality Incident Management,” said Jeff Dorr, Chief Customer Officer at ArrowStream. “We are thrilled to have ADQ join our quality network and we look forward to further supporting them by helping to solve their quality management challenges.”

Earlier this year, ArrowStream announced 2018 as their fifth consecutive year of record growth, partnering with 17 new clients. 

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