Employee Spotlight – Tonya Burgess

Employee Spotlight Tonya Burgess

This week we want to spotlight Tonya Burgess, ArrowStream’s Senior Data Engineer. Tonya has over twenty years of experience working in data administration and joined the ArrowStream team last year.

Could you describe what you do for ArrowStream?
I am a data engineer on the business intelligence/data analytics team. I’m responsible for maintaining technology used to host and present data used for business analytics reporting.

How did you get into data management?
I started off as a database administrator with a mortgage banking company over 20 years ago and remained on the data side since then, doing database administration, data warehouse development, business intelligence reporting and development, as well as data integration work for data warehouses.

What made you want to work at ArrowStream?
I liked that it’s a small company with the opportunity for growth. Also, their pursuit of data modernization through upgrading technology is something that I was involved in my previous work and I enjoy those types of projects.

How have you grown professionally while at ArrowStream?
Mostly in terms of skill set, learning and working with new database technology.

What do you like about your work at ArrowStream in contrast to previous positions?
It’s always a challenge. There’s a lot going on right now with the implementation of new technologies. In prior roles I have worked as a technical lead but the overall pursuit of working with the latest and greatest technologies is something I really like.

What is the most unique part about working here?
The product. On the business analytics side, there is so much data we have to work with and can supply our customers for analytics reporting.

What is your team like?
I’m on a small team and we work well together. We’re very open to communication and getting feedback from one another so it’s a very collaborative environment.

What has been your favorite project at ArrowStream? 
There’s a couple of them, I can’t really pick out one. One of my favorites have been the business analytics and technology modernization project.


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