Atlanta Women in Foodservice: ArrowStream’s Experience at the Event

ArrowStream had the privilege of participating in the biannual Atlanta Women in Foodservice event hosted by ArrowStream customer, Zaxby’s. This memorable event took place at Hopstix, creating a vibrant atmosphere for networking and camaraderie.

Representing ArrowStream at the event was Marilyn Bottenbley, our essential Data Monitoring Analyst. Marilyn found the event particularly inspiring, highlighting the positive impact it had on fostering connections and celebrating the diverse accomplishments of women in the foodservice industry.

The evening was filled with engaging activities, bringing together over 60 leaders from various sectors of the foodservice industry. The diverse guest list included both operators and suppliers, creating a dynamic blend of perspectives and experiences. What made this event truly special was the mix of attendees, ranging from women new to the industry to those who have dedicated their entire careers to it. It was an opportunity for everyone to share their aspirations and support each other in achieving personal and professional goals.

Zaxby’s, as the host, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the event. Networking was at the forefront of the evening, providing an invaluable platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and foster collaborations. The event also featured entertaining activities such as bingo and trivia, adding a fun and interactive element to the gathering. The choice of venue at Hopstix added to the overall experience, creating a welcoming and inclusive space for meaningful conversations.

ArrowStream extends its gratitude to Zaxby’s for the invitation and the opportunity to be part of such an amazing event. As a company committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the foodservice industry, ArrowStream was honored to be in the company of such a diverse and inspiring group of women. ArrowStream looks forward to continued participation in events that champion diversity and recognize the invaluable contributions of women in foodservice.

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