2021 Chicken Markets Influenced by Hatchery and Labor Issues

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The chicken markets have been influenced by hatchery issues and a lack of labor, and it doesn’t appear to be improving any time soon.

It should be no surprise to our readers that labor remains an issue, and if you’re involved on the poultry side of the business, the chart should be even less of a surprise. All employees in the poultry processing industry have fallen to their smallest levels since 2016.

On the other hand, all employees in the animal slaughtering industry excluding poultry processing are at their largest since 2003!

But, sticking with the poultry processing industry, average weekly hours worked have been their highest since at least 2006 in every month since March, year-over-year hourly earnings increases have been growing at record levels throughout 2021, and average overtime hours have been at or near record levels since May 2020.

While we’ve noted that there is certainly a hatchability issue hampering production (and perhaps the two are related?), don’t expect chicken production to pick up until processing labor finds some footing.





Dr. Isaac OlveraAbout Dr. Isaac Olvera

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