Recorded Webinar: The Case for Foodservice Incident Management

Hear how Zaxby's reduces incident resolution times, quickly recovers credits, uses data to drive partner accountability & increases quality issue transparency.

Labor shortages and supply disruption are still the top two concerns of every restaurant chain. Furthermore, quit rates are at all time highs and 51% of independent business owners expressed inability to fill job openings. Every day, hard choices are being made between cost control and customer service. Understaffed teams are struggling with the increased workload of chasing down products that never arrived, whether to find a replacement or make sure they are credited for what was missing. All while stepping in to backfill on food prep.

Together, we’ll explore what restaurant managers are experiencing right now, and shed light on how ArrowStream’s platform is providing the actionable insight through data and statistics that our audience can leverage in their own business. We will also take a closer look at the benefits of ArrowStream’s new Foodservice Incident Management solution that help owners:

  • Reduce incident resolution times
  • Quickly recover credits
  • Use data to drive partner accountability
  • Increase quality issue transparency

Watch our webinar to discover how some chains are staying ahead of the chaos through restaurant-level technology that puts the supply chain to work and your staff back in front of the customer.


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ArrowStream, a Buyers Edge company, is the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, with over 1,300 distribution locations, 11,000 manufacturers, and 275 leading brands across 105,000 restaurant locations tightly integrated into a single global network of applications and industry data. ArrowStream provides unparalleled levels of transparency, control, and actionable insight to mitigate risks, streamline operations, protect the brand, and optimize profitability.