$500 Off CommodityONE Essentials for Dining Alliance Customers

As the most in-depth food service commodities report on the market, CommodityONE is the starting point for business planning discussions. 

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Meet ArrowStream

ArrowStream, a Buyers Edge company, is the leading foodservice cloud platform for supply chain intelligence, with over 1,300 distribution locations, 11,000 manufacturers, and 275 leading brands across 105,000 restaurant locations tightly integrated into a single global network of applications and industry data. ArrowStream provides unparalleled levels of transparency, control, and actionable insight to mitigate risks, streamline operations, protect the brand, and optimize profitability.

CommodityONE is Here

ArrowStream is proud to now be part of the Buyers Edge Platform network and is pleased to offer Dining Alliance customers a $500 discount on the CommodityONE Essentials subscription package. Normally $6K/year, Dining Alliance customers will only pay $5,500/year to access customer driven and market leading commodity reports. This limited time offer will unlock access to the CommodityONE Essentials which includes:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports with price trends, forecasts, and actionable commentary on foodservice commodities
  • Excel file of weekly commodity prices since 2005 with three-year charting feature
  • Quarterly Pivot Point table showing commodity market momentum with support and resistance price levels

For only $5,500/year anticipate market trends and save money on your purchases with the leading commodity market analysis platform:

  • Daily reports and price forecasts for 30 key food item commodities
  • Commodity intelligence that powers informed buying decisions
  • Documented guidance, commentary, and inflationary outlooks for your own supply chains

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Interested in an upgraded version of CommodityONE Essentials?

Schedule a call with the ArrowStream Commodity Team to learn more about Forecast and Forecast Plus.

  • Customized Monthly Commodity Forecast w/Excel file of string price data
  • Supplier Discovery with over 10,000 foodservice suppliers
  • Up to 10 user logins
  • 10 hours of forward contracting consulting for your key food items
  • Monthly Commodity Call
  • Customized financial and purchasing metrics

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